Born out of the love & passion for handmade products, Artfulnoons was founded by two avid crafters from India. They retail through their web store, which has evolved into a highly interactive & fast growing online business. They needed help with designing a brand layout for their marketing materials and products.

Artfulnoons had a huge focus on building a powerful brand through engaging content & memorable buying experiences. They wanted to use vibrant colors in all the collaterals including business cards, products, web banners etc. Hence, I decided to include vector forms of the day to day elements they  use in making their products. This design then grew to become a brand component by itself.

Business card design

Web banners

Web banner mockup

Email newsletter mockup

Newsletter design

These calendars were designed to be sent out to the followers and supporters of Artfulnoons, highlighting all the products made in the year 2016

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