In today’s increasingly time-constrained life, SkipTime offers a convenient way to place dine-in orders at restaurants while on the way to it. Users save crucial time otherwise spent ordering & waiting for food to arrive at the table. Time is the biggest constraint for many of us today. Restaurants are keen to offer customers a faster experience when they want it. The app saves time & hassle for users, while increasing quality of customer service at restaurants.

SkipTime’s 3 direct competitors are: Yelp, DoorDash & OrderAhead.

The app does not tell clearly show the user whether a particular restaurant is bookmarked after the user logs in the first time and tries to bookmark any particular restaurant. It just hovers the color to red (which is the color used in the entire interface) which makes it harder to know whether the action has taken place.
The system does not have the same design layout and tabs for every restaurant. Only a few listed restaurants have the “Most Loved” tabs, making it difficult for a user to navigate.
The system does not clearly indicate whether the below mentioned timings belong to Delivery or Pickup category. The color code as seen can be very confusing to comprehend.

Competitive analysis



Wire framing and paper prototyping

Design Goals  

Focused on reducing time to order & low cognitive load on the user. The app is designed to be very simple & intuitive with only necessary and useful information. The user must be able to place an order within 60 seconds of opening the app. The user can comprehend the content in less than a minute and place order as easily as possible. 

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