This images below were created and designed for The Expat Woman group in San Francisco. The Expat Woman is a social enterprise and an award winning resource for professional women from all over the globe who have moved to the United States. The goal is to connect international women with opportunities and help them advance in their career/business through events, workshops, webinars and trainings.
This simple and powerful campaign ad was created to be used across social media platforms to promote the event TEW was organizing. It received a lot of traction as all the information could be found at one place.
These images were created to be added on eventbrite pages for ticket sales. The use of an image alongside with the necessary content, made it easy to comprehend.
This simple and powerful gif's were designed as a part of the pre-campaign teaser to be posted on social media platforms. The subtle animation made it very compelling and eye catching.
Social media marketing (photo manipulation)
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